Skeye Nano Drone : Fly A Drone Incognito!

Skeye Nano Drone

It seems like huge large drones are the thing of the past all because of tiny drones that have been coming out nowadays. Take for example the Skeye Nano Drone. This drone is not just a nano drone, it comes with a built in camera in it. Loaded with the latest technology, this drone is super easy to control and fly.

Skeye Nano Drone  : Fly A Drone Incognito!

The Skeye Nano Drone only measures 4 cm across and 2.2 cm tall and only weighs 11.9 grams. Its compact and light weight design allows the user to easily navigate it through the air and fly them accurately. Just simply press thetake-off button and use the controller to fly it.

Skeye Nano Drone  : Fly A Drone Incognito!

The included controller is also compact in size yet has everything you need to perform aerobatic flips in the air. I has 6-axis flight control system with 3-Level Adjustable Controller Sensitivity for Beginner, Mid-Level and Expert.

Skeye Nano Drone  : Fly A Drone Incognito!

It also features an altitude hold mode that allows the drone to hover at a steady height above the ground allowing you to perform skills and tricks on the spot. While the done remains stationary in one place, you can focus on controlling the pitch, yaw and roll and other tricks. Skeye Nano Drone  : Fly A Drone Incognito!

The Skeye Nano Drone has bright LEd lights that makes it visible even when flying it at night or for flying long distances of up to 50 meters. It also uses a 2.4 Ghz transmission allowing  you to fly 164 feet away from the drone. It  uses a The nano drone uses a 3.7V 120mAh lithium-ion battery gicing you a  5 minute fly time and can be charge for up to 30 minutes with the included USB charging cable. The controller though uses 2 double A batteries which are purchased separately.

Skeye Nano Drone  : Fly A Drone Incognito!

So when you are out flying a drone, your neighbor doesn’t have to know! With the Skeye nano Drone, you can go incognito while spying on your neighbor (which is not recommended) or if you want to get the view from the top.


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