Paw Plunger : For Pet’s Paw-fect Clean Paws.

Paw Plunger

You’d probably go nuts if you find your pet dog wiping it’s paws on your sofa or finding paw prints all over the floor after cleaning your living room. Well, that’s just one of the things that dog owners has to endure when having a pet. But if you want to spare your self the hassle of getting rid of those paw prints on your sofa or on your floor, you can always wash your dog’s paw with the Paw plunger. Nope! it’s not a coffee mug, it’s actually a paw cleaner for your pet.

Paw Plunger : For Pet's Paw-fect Clean Paws.

The Paw Plunger, which looks like a mug, will sure save you time and energy from running after your dog so that you can clean their paws in your kitchen sink. just adding warm water is all it takes to clean your dog’s paws with the Paw Plunger. It comes in three parts namely the plunge pot, the bristle holder and a lid. Just assemble the three together and you’re good to go.

Paw Plunger : For Pet's Paw-fect Clean Paws.

Just fill paw Plunger with water up to the top of the first row of bristles. Place your pup’s paw into the plunger and plunge by moving it up and down. You can plunge as many times as you want since the Paw plunger is paw-friendly. After getting rid of those mud and dirt, thoroughly dry it with a clean towel nearby and pour away the dirt from the plunger.

Paw Plunger : For Pet's Paw-fect Clean Paws.

The Paw plunger does what it promise. It thoroughly cleans your dog’s paw unlike cleaning it with just a tissue or a towel which may leave some dirt residue not to mention germs. No more messy floors and dirty sofa’s and no more battling with your dog trying to get him in the sink just to clean its paws. The Paw Plunger makes cleaning your dog’s paw something you and you pet can look forward to.

Paw Plunger : For Pet's Paw-fect Clean Paws.



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