Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.


As most doctors would advice, brushing alone is not enough that is why you need to floss. But the problem is, we sometimes take flossing for granted. Flossing helps prevent bad breath, cavities, gum disease because it can go where your tooth brush can’t. With the Flosstime  you never have to forget about flossing.

Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.

This automatic floss dispenser ca be too hard to ignore since it attaches right to your bathroom mirror. Simply give the Flosstime a press and it will automatically dispense 18 inches of floss for you to use. The integrated floss cutter then cuts it so that you don’t have to worry about cutting it with your own teeth or a pair of scissor. It also features an LED light that lights up in blue when you have flossed for over 24 hours and red when not. It attaches to your bathroom moirror with a suction cup at the back and it comes with 3 months worth of floss. The Flosstime also features a plastic frog casing so everytime you press it, you can imagine a frog shooting out its tongue.

Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.

Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.

The Flosstime is a perfect reminder for everyone in your family to never take flossing for granted.  After brushing your teeth you will be reminded instantly to floss since you’d be looking at your reflection on the mirror while brushing and the Flosstime would be so hard to miss.

Flosstime : A Friendly Reminder To Floss.

So give your teeth some love by remembering to floss all the time with Flosstime! At least this one doesn’t scold like your dentist.

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