Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable!


A lot of us dreamed of sleeping under the stars during camping or enjoy a nice view at the comfort of your tents or sleeping bag, but for the most part,it isn’t at all comfortable. but with Disc-O Bed, camping has been more comfortable.

Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable!


Whether you are out camping or just simply lounging beside the lake or the beach, the Disc-O-Bed has your back. It can also be bunked inside the tent to save space or added to an RV for an additional sleeping space. The portable bunk bed set is completely portable, and is super easy to setup in just minutes. Using unique pieces to form the bunk bed, you can assemble it without the need for any tools or screws. The unique rail system of the bunk bed cot also allows for flexibility and stability which allows you to adjust for uneven ground so you’ll always be level while you’re sleeping.

Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable!

The Disc-O-Bed adult bunk bed is one of the only cots on the market without a mid-bar that jabs into your back, and since it’s made from a comfortable fabric, it will provide a natural contouring sleep system with no need for a mattress on top of it.

Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable! Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable!

he adult bunk bed cot can be used in a variety of different types and sizes of tents, or it can even be used outdoors. Get the add-on mosquito net to provide some added-security against the bugs that will no doubt be attacking you throughout the night if you decide to use it outside of your tent.

Disc-O-Bed : Camping Made Comfortable!

Using a high-quality steel frame, each bed on the bunk can support up to 500 lbs of weight. The bed set sleeps two adults comfortably, and comes with two side organizers that attach to the side of each bed to store personal items. The bottom bed is located 11 inches off the ground, and there’s a 21 inch gap between each bed.

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