Couchlet : Your Wall Outlet Is Not The Limit!


Imagine what your position would be if you want to use your phone or tablet while charging and you want to stay in bed or lounge in your couch but you’re just too far from the outlet. Good thing the Couchlet comes handy during these kind of situation. The Couchlet is simply an extension where you can tuck in the crevice of your couch or bed and charge your phone away.

Couchlet : Your Wall Outlet Is Not The Limit!

With the Couchlet, you no longer have to extend your arm or body in full length just to reach and use your cellphone while charging. You can just do it at the comfort of your couch or bed without straining your self. just plug the Couchlet to your nearest wall outlet, tuck it in the crevice of your bed or couch and charge your phone. no more awkward sitting or lying position just full comfort that your bed and sofa can offer while using your phone.

Couchlet : Your Wall Outlet Is Not The Limit!

This device’s design makes it easy to tuck it in your sofe or bed. The fold out leg gives you extra stability and you cn use it when you want to slide the device onto the outside of your furniture. It comes with two USB port so you and your friends or loved ones can share the Couchlet together.

Couchlet : Your Wall Outlet Is Not The Limit!

Each Couchlet comes with a detachable 6-foot USB cable that uses your current wall charger for power and it is low voltage, so it’s just as safe as the charging cord that comes with your phone.

So next time, don’t embarrass your self doing those awkward position while sitting and lying on a couch or your bed just so you could use your phone while charging. Trust me, you’ll profit nothing from it but back pain and stiff neck. Use the Couchlet instead and never leave your couch or bed.

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